The main products of our company are gammarus (mormysh). Gammarus is a crustacean from freshwater lakes in the Novosibirsk Region. It is used as monocorm (it is a protein-mineral vitamin feed supplement) and is used in aquarium, terrarium and decorative poultry farming. Superior to factory-made protein feed (meat and bone meal and fish meal). The substances contained in gammarus contribute to better health, increase the brightness of the color of fish and birds. Gammarus screening is formed during the industrial sifting of dried gammarus and represents small parts (paws) of the crustacean itself.

The company has a full production cycle, including:

  • production of self-renewable biological raw materials on the lakes of the Novosibirsk region.
  • processing of raw materials and packaging of finished products using special equipment.
  • quality control of raw materials and finished products, carried out at all stages of production.
  • sales of products to Russian and foreign consumers.

Having been present on the sales markets for more than 15 years, Tayezhny LLC has earned the trust Partners of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. Over the years, the company has formed a team of professionals engaged in fishing on dozens of lakes. Today, the products of Taezhny LLC are supplied to both domestic and foreign companies.