About the farm

The hunting grounds of Taiga LLC are located in the northwest of the Novosibirsk region, the Vengerovsky district, The distance to Novosibirsk is 463 km, the distance to Omsk is 296 km. The area of ​​hunting lands is 116020 thousand ha. The territory is divided into two hunting plots. Akhtyrsky area-94590 hectares, Kozlovsky area-21430 hectares. The farm has two hunting bases for living and recreation of hunters. Tyumenskaya is located between the Tyumen and Archak lakes and Krasnopartizanskaya is located on the banks of the Tartass River near Lake Sibirtsevo.

A diverse landscape: from cultivated fields to dense forests, lakes and swamps, there are many berries and mushrooms in the rows and forests. The following species of game animals and birds live in the hunting grounds: moose, wild boar, bear, roe deer, lynx, fox, hare, beaver, muskrat, mink, raccoon dog, badger, goose, coot duck, pine forest, grouse, grouse, hazel grouse, etc. very attractive for the habitat of waterfowl. In the autumn and spring periods, mass flights of waterfowl go on the farm In rivers and lakes there are fish: carp, crucian carp, perch ide pike, bream, roach, etc.